Metaverse Guide: 4 Metaverse Tokens You Should Look at in 2022

When Metaverse refers to an online virtual world, it creates the platform and the environment for a wide variety of activities extended from the physical world, including interacting with people, shopping, and entertaining. On one hand, the implementation of the metaverse evolved and grew its economy, mainly surrounding the in-game assets. On the other hand, it provides future possibilities to associate with the cryptocurrency investment when the partial metaverse economy is often based on cryptocurrency tokens. In the market, there are more creators are up for the metaverse concept and there are various of running metaverse tokens. 

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In the metaverse world, only the specific virtual tokens can be spent for any transactions including trading in-game assets and virtual land with other people. Metaverse tokens are often used as the “currency” within the economies of one metaverse. Each metaverse usually has its own token, which cannot be used on the other Metaverse. They work like any other investment, the value of the tokens go extremely volatile. There is no guarantee that traders could 100% generate money from it. Like cryptocurrency or other stock investments, trading in metaverse involves risks. Traders should do their research before start investing.

If you are already familiarized yourself with the metaverse and want to get your hands on the investment, here are 4 common metaverse tokens that you may want to look at in 2022.

Decentraland – Buy weapons with the MANA tokens

Decentraland is a 3D virtual world browser-based platform, which is known as the first blockchain-based decentralized world started in February 2020. The game itself allows players to create and explore their own virtual world. On the site, a marketplace can be found, selling different in-game items, lands, estates, or even names. For example, a game weapon is selling for 5 tokens, a pair of shoes is selling for 50 tokens, and land is selling for 49,99 tokens+. Users do not buy it with cash or credit cards, but with the token MANA. They can connect their crypto wallet for easier payment, but users do not necessarily have to connect their crypto wallets or open an account on Decentraland. Users can also buy virtual plots of land in the platform as NFTs via the MANA token, which uses the Ethereum blockchain.

Decentraland Marketplace

The Sandbox – Use Metaverse tokens to buy in-game assets

The Sandbox is a PC and mobile game, which is a virtual Metaverse for players to build and experience their own virtual life. The game works similarly to Decentraland since it provides the game part and also the trading part. Users can again trade for in-game assets within the marketplace. Other than directly buying the in-game assets, they can also invest in the NFTs which are the tokenized in-game items. Although The Sandbox and Decentraland are both Metaverse, both platforms use their own specific metaverse token. In The Sandbox, $SAND is the currency to buy lands and in-game items in the Metaverse. 

The Sandbox also allows users to do liquidity mining by investing in the cryptocurrency and earning more $SAND.

The Sandbox Marketplace

Star Atlas – The Sci-Fi themed Metaverse

Star Atlas is a 3D Sci-Fi strategy video game involving immersive metaverse gaming and trading experience. The game is basically the same as the two mentioned above, which allows players to create, build, play, and trade, but with a space game theme. The in-game items, such as spaceships are marked with their rarity, so players can take it as a reference deciding which ones are profitable. The token used in Star Atlas Metaverse is ATLAS or with USDC. Again, the metaverse platform allows users to create their NFTs by tokenizing the in-game assets within the Star Atlas universe and selling it to others. 

Star Atlas Marketplace

Wilder World – Trade and create  NFT cars and condos

Wilder World is about a virtual world called Wiami, which is based on the physical city of Miami. The game characters live in a community where the players can buy and sell condos. It is also an NFT-based game where you can create NFT cars and condos in the virtual city. There are some downsides that make the metaverse less favorable to users, as the site does not own a whitepaper, and is not available from top U.S. cryptocurrency exchanges. But other than that, it is still a project worth looking at.

Wilder World Marketplace

Every investment contains a certain level of risk. You should always evaluate the associated risk level before investing in any of the investment options!

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