Metaverse Beginner’s Guide: What is it and how does it work?

While some folks might be unfamiliar with the metaverse concept, some people call it the future of the internet. On 28 October 2021, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook rebranded Facebook to Meta, which shed light on the aspects of the metaverse that already exist in our life. The present concept of it includes virtual reality (VR) gadgets and the always-online world, which might be completely reachable to all people, but this network does exist in our new age world. But, what exactly is Metaverse and how does it actually work in real life?

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What is the Metaverse?

The metaverse can be described as a virtual environment that integrates with virtual reality (VR), blockchain, and augmented reality imitating the real world. The word “metaverse” was first coined by an American writer Neal Stephenson in 1992. It appeared in his dystopian cyberpunk novel Snow Crash, which demonstrated a 3D virtual reality space. The concept is similar to what we refer the metaverse nowadays. The metaverse is largely implemented on multiple-player online games, where the kind of virtual experience can usually be found. Players can create their own realistic avatars, virtual items, interact with other players, and look to exchange goods and services. 

There are more companies looking to step into the metaverse to explore more opportunities and enhance work productivity. For example, Facebook released a virtual reality world game Horizon Worlds (formerly known as Facebook Horizon). Apart from that, Facebook is also rebranded its name to Meta in preparation for the Metaverse. Mark Zuckerberg believed it would be a crucial part of the internet in the future, and he hoped to help bring the Metaverse to life. Other than Facebook, another company Microsoft also seemed to have its plan for connecting with the metaverse. It has planned to launch Mesh for Teams which aims to create virtual spaces with better collaboration. Users will be allowed to connect and collaborate through personalized avatars and immersive spaces with just standard smartphones and laptops to mixed-reality headsets. This might be an advantage using this kind of Metaverse technology during the global pandemic.

How does Metaverse work?

There has been the existence of the metaverse concept in online game universes for years, such as Fortnite, Minecraft, Animal Crossing, and Roblox. Players get to build their world, their characters and develop whatever they want it to be in their lives in this virtual world. Users can also connect socially in the virtual world, like in the real life, but to experience something different in the metaverse. These games might one day be turned into futuristic worlds, and the companies behind those games have ambitions to be part of the evolution of the metaverse. 

Apart from the application in internet games, it also applies to digital items trading. As we mentioned, it creates a virtual world where people can engage with a variety of activities, which includes providing an environment to list all kinds of digital forms of art and property. In the virtual world, people are able to exchange, buy and sell digital items with other users. Afterward, all the trading will then create a virtual economy will for users in the virtual reality. With that said, it provides options or an environment apart from traditional trading ways. Besides, Metaverse operates with mixed media, live-streaming, and so on, which allows users to have a different virtual experience. For example, instead of going to a live event personally, the content can also be delivered for stay-at-home ticket buyers. While NFT is unique and allows users to show proof of ownership of all kinds of things, NFTs can act as a deed to a property that only exists in a virtual world.

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